Episode 3: Being A Fashonista

You know, I was thinking today about those “gangsta” guys that wear their pants ultra-baggy and ultra-low, and that kind of thing because I saw a few of them, and something occurred to me while watching this guy walk away.

There he was, pyjama pants hanging low but with the legs tucked neatly into his socks. Brightly coloured running shoes that looked like he’d bought them from a thrift shop, and loose t-shirt displaying one random label or another (but of course no big name brands). Walking like he didn’t give a care to anything that might come his way or cross his path. He was the epitome of everything hip, trendy, and cool as far as short-sighted, quick-tempered, teenage street-savvy is concerned. And it hit me. These kids don’t just throw on any old thing and to hell with how it looks. They put a lot of effort into looking like they put no effort in at all. The tucked pants shows a concern for getting those pyjama pants dirty. The thrifty appearance of those shoes which actually probably cost him a fortune. Even the t-shirt was specifically chosen to be a brand that only a “select few” would even recognise. These guys are just as aware and worried about their appearance as the most outrageous fashonistas.

Divas in their own right, looking to dress to impress. Who would have guessed?


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