Episode 7: Cutting Corners

Alright, listen. I know I’ve already ranted and raved just a couple days ago, but remember I never planned on keeping to a schedule. So all I can do now is hope that those of you who read this enjoy it and read it for a reason, and maybe even share it with your own friends or comment. I don’t need to tell you, I think word needs to get out about some of these things.

So what’s today’s issue that possesses me to post so soon after a previous post? Shoddy workmanship, poor ethics, and a general lack of concern for our fellow humans. Nothing drastically different than ever before, I suppose since these are the issues that disturb me most about ourselves. But here’s the thing. I was watching an episode of Holmes Inspection last night, and it simultaneously made me weep and rejoice for humanity. We’ll start with my rejoicing. It’s a much simpler topic to approach. Mike Holmes is truly an inspirational person. When people get screwed over by contractors, home inspectors, or even just idiot-kids with matches, he’s there to help out.

In the episode I watched, a family had bought their house because they wanted more space for their kids. They’d had the home inspected and the inspector rated it very well. But it turned out that not only was there one major problem, but in fact pretty much the whole house had major issues. The front porch needed to be completely broken down and rebuilt. The entire house’s electrical needed to be rewired, the basement renovation that had been done had to be completely demolished and plumbing, insulation and pretty much everything else had to be completely redone. Their kitchen had to be gutted and rebuilt (mostly because of electrical work, but also some plumbing), and a large portion of their roof had to be taken off and rebuilt because of mold. Holmes came in, and after much grumbling, fixed everything. But according to Holmes, all the inspector would have needed to see that the house was in such bad condition was his eyes. No fancy equipment, nothing.

And this is why I weep. Because these sorts of problems were obvious. Even to an untrained eye, some of those issues were so glaringly bad. Which means this inspector just didn’t care. He put no effort into doing his job properly. And the same can be said of the people who originally built the house, and the ones that renovated it. It’s very shoddy work. People could die as a result of what they did. When did we get to the point where making a quick buck and putting as little effort as possible into something is acceptable to such a majority? How is it that anyone can think it’s okay?

Or is it that they know it’s wrong but they’re pressured to make ridiculous deadlines? People today are becoming more and more accustomed to getting what they want, when they want it, without any kind of patience, effort, or earning it in any way. And it’s giving them a sense of entitlement. A swollen head and a belief that they’re practically gods. Personally? It saddens me. The way I see people act either when they can’t get something, or when what they want is taking longer than they think it should take… I mean come on, people. Take the time to slow down. Enjoy life, don’t rush through it.

And I understand this doesn’t make me very popular with a lot of people because I might be slower when I do things or I don’t get as riled up as they do (ever), but I’ll bet you when all is said and done, I live longer and I take more pleasure in the smaller things I have. So I hope even if it’s just for one day, that you slow right down and actually pay attention to everything around you. See the beauty in the world and enjoy the moments you have with friends. And treat people the way you’d want to be treated. If you expect them to do a good job for you, then do a good one for them. Don’t short-change people just so you can get ahead.

And that’s really all I wanted to say I guess. I hope you take this to heart and share my message. But if not… Well, I’ll still be living my good life. It’s only yourself that you’re hurting.


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