Episode 12: Take A Moment

Well, it’s the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday, come around again (just like every year, go figure!). And with it comes all the usual all-day prep/cooking, over-eating, and the undone belt buckles. And let’s not forget the million different pies. Mmmmm, pie… No, seriously, I don’t understand how anyone can be unhappy about pie.

But putting delicious pie aside, the entire point behind today is to be thankful for what you have (who knew, right?) be it to some deity, the universe in general, or to specific people. It doesn’t matter where it’s directed to. What matters is that you’re thankful at all. But let’s forget about how you should actually be thankful every day of your life. Because you should. Even if your life is terrible, there are still things to be thankful for. You might have to look a little harder, but those things you find are all the more important to find and be thankful for.

But this holiday, as so many others have before it, has mostly lost it’s true value and meaning. People are not as interested in the meaning behind it as they are the food (or in the case of other holidays, the gifts or the candy for instance). Being thankful takes a back seat to just being full. Consumerism trumps the social bonds that link us and as a result we start to lose them. Society has been breaking down, but it’s not because of money, or material goods or anything, really. It’s the greed and self-serving attitude that has broken things down. It’s the ignorance and reluctance to step up.

And the sad part is that I don’t know if it’s too late to change our destiny or not. I want to believe we still have time, and everything that I write, or say, is with that in mind. We have to start one person at a time. With friends, family, or even complete strangers if you’re feeling bold. We may have to start from small islands of sanity, but if each person convinces only one other to change, then given enough time everyone will be affected by the change.

But let’s aim for more than one person each, shall we? The sooner the world changes, the better.


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