Episode 17: Lillenesse (Part 2)

I won’t keep you long. Welcome to the second instalment of my creative writing project, Lillenesse.


I woke that morning after a rather pleasant night, so I was in a fairly good mood as I bustled about making my morning meal. It was nothing particularly extravegant, just some bread, fruit, and a cup of water. A point of interest to me, as a sort of parallel between our worlds, is that while I understand you have large filtration systems to purify your water, using any number of mechanical contraptions, pumping the filtered water this way and that, we typically build nearby to natural streams, and during the construction of our homes, we influence the plants to siphon water from the stream into a cistern of sorts in the roof. When we need water from the cistern, it passes through these ingenious plants that have actually evolved to feed not on the water, but on any toxins that the water contains, and it then passes the water on through to us much as your sinks and taps do. Should we require warmer or hot water, we can take the purified water to another variety of plant which generates heat as a result of its own processing of nutrients. It’s all quite beautiful to witness in action. But I’m getting away from my own tale, and I’m sure you’re growing impatient. I am sorry, but the similarities and differences between our worlds is a constant source of wonder to me, and I’ve always been the type to share my own wonder with others. But where was I… Ah yes, my entirely unexciting morning meal. I believe you would call it breakfast? Another curious term. But perhaps that’s another discussion for another time, yes? I was almost done my breakfast when my house alerted me to the presence of someone outside. A plant near the door will rub against itself to create almost the same noise your crickets do when it’s touched. Not expecting a visitor that morning, I was more than a little curious to who it could be when at the window a friend’s face appeared, smiling from ear to ear. We called him Torec, and while he may not have been the brightest of souls, he did have an elegant touch to the way he handled plants. He had an eye for beauty and flow, that one. And he was always quick to laughter. When you were in his company, it would be near impossible to be in a foul mood. So when I saw it was him, my good mood was not sullied, and I invited him in…


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