Episode 22: Those Dern Young’uns!

This is going to be a rather negative episode, but bear with me, and I hope you’ll understand that my purpose is to open some eyes and maybe inspire some change in the world (thus achieving a positive result). My inspiration came when a friend commented on this link I shared via Facebook. He mentioned that it looked like it was written by someone uninformed because the last two facts were poorly researched. Now, I don’t remember what those facts were, but I started getting into the concept that most things of that sort on the internet were the creations of younger generations anyway (I would say generally younger than 30, a category I fall under). And the younger you get the less intelligent things seem to be when they come from these people.

Now let me be clear, there are plenty of smart, funny, and beautiful (though not necessarily all three in the same package) people in those age groups. Some of the people I would consider friends (but maybe not a close friend) are around 18 years of age, and I think they’re pretty decent folk all around. But an unfair percentage of those younger folks bring down the rest. And there are a number of reasons why these kids are like this. As always, there’s never just one thing we can point to and say “that’s what’s making our children dumber than owls” (fun fact, owls might actually be dumber than popular culture would have us believe). I believe it breaks into three major categories:

1) Parents are becoming busier and more self-centred, with jobs paying less compared to even just two decades ago (if you were to adjust older rates of pay to be equivalent to today’s value, that is). This is leading to them sitting their kid down in front of a tv, video game, or something similar that will keep them occupied. Which is fine in small bursts, but unfortunately this is coupled with the parents not instilling proper ethics and common sense because of their lack of interest (or time).

2) The proliferation of products designed to make life easier and give us time to relax is encouraging younger generations to be lazy. They figure if there’s a machine that can do it for me, why would I want to do it myself? Of course they forget that at the very least they need the intelligence to operate and maintain said machinery in good working order, but they’re young. That thought likely doesn’t occur to most of them (younger folks, you’re welcome to chime in or contradict via comments if you like), so I suppose that aspect can be forgiven. Especially since if the parents are raising them right, then this shouldn’t be much of an issue.

3) Poor role models don’t teach them common sense and ethics either. If even half of the things I’ve heard or read about Justin Bieber, or Snooki (remember her?), or any of the rest of them is true, these are still disrespectful people with little to no brain of their own (I don’t have any link to back me up on this fun fact, but I do remember hearing news stories about both JB and Snooki claiming to be above the law by right of being who they are). In poor Justin’s case, I don’t blame him too much. He was essentially a child star, and almost none of them make it out particularly well-adjusted. But kids are receptive to their role models, and think that behaviour is acceptable. So, wanting to be just like their roguishly-haired or dolled-up hero(ine), they mimic them.

In the end, all you get is a perfect storm of stupidity that makes you want to facepalm every time they open their mouths. It’s a sad reality, but one I believe can be fixed. All it takes is a little dedication and guidance. Our kids want to be good people, we just need to show them how it’s actually done. So please, for the sake of the planet, give one of the youngsters in your life a role model he or she can actually be proud of.


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