Episode 25: The Bieber Conundrum

So, a lot has been happening with this Justin Bieber kid lately. Arrested at his fancy mansion, drugs were found there, then he got his butt kicked back to Canada, where he promptly managed to get arrested again, and be even more stupid. But you know what? None of that matters. Why are we still focusing on this idiot child? The only good that came out of it were these few images…

who wore it better? Oh, such a classic joke... You're darn right we're sending him back!

And really… If you think about it… Is it worth it? We’re spending too much time caring. Just let the idiot go to jail, and be done. The more you publicize this ridiculousness, the more he’ll realize it gets him attention and the more he’ll do it. Not only that, but with so many parents not raising their children properly (as I’ve mentioned before in this post and this other one), it’s so easy for them to see what he’s doing and think it’s okay. I mean, I watched some of his fans get interviewed after his arrests, and they’re just like “well, you know… He’s young, and young people do stupid things, soooo… Like, we’re totally just taking this too far. Just let him be, you know?”…

Okay, okay, okay. Where do I even begin with this piece of rot? I know. With the fact that the kid who said this was probably younger than Bieber herself. How is she some all-knowing, all-powerful person that she could make some claim like that? Oh, right. Everyone her age knows that much, and we all just forget it over time. That must be it. Okay, and the second thing? So what you’re telling me, o powerful and knowledgable teen girl, is that if he had murdered someone it would be okay because he’s young? Newsflash, he’s old enough that he should know right from wrong, and have at least a basic understanding of our laws. Being young does not put you above the law. Nor does being famous. Sadly, being rich can, but that’s a sad state of affairs that I really should keep for another rant another time. The point is, you silly girl, that you do the crime then you do the time. But really… Who cares? And why should Canada have to take him back just because the US doesn’t want him anymore? As the above image states: we didn’t turn him into a twit.

But really this is just the tip of the hollywood problem. They’re over-paid, over-hyped, and we care way too much about them. I feel dirtier just for having talked about Justin Bieber at all. And it’s not just because of who he is, either.


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