Episode 26: The Times, They Are-a Changing

So I was walking by two of the older fellows I work with at one of my jobs today, when I overheard the comment “I know, they don’t know how good they’ve got it.”

It gave me pause. After all, I knew they were referring to “youth today”. And here’s where things get interesting. I will agree that the youth of today might not have the same problems to overcome as older generations did. Machines and technology have taken over a large portion of some of the more demanding aspects of life. And adults in general are softer with their children than they used to be. To use an example that one of those same co-workers used when I confronted him about what he’d said… Where a child of the 60’s (let’s say) would have had to go to school even though there was two feet of snow, these days schools declare it a snow day, and kids stay home.

But consider this. These children that are staying home are being molly-coddled and overprotected. They’re being shielded from the harsh reality of life, and will suffer later in their lives when they won’t be as adaptable to change as they might otherwise have been. But bad parenting isn’t the only problem. Although it is a large one, and though as I’ve mentioned far too often already, more and more parents aren’t raising their kids right anymore, children have always been dealing with problems their parents give them. But there are so many new mental and emotional challenges that children and teens have to deal with thanks to modern technology and social media (not to mention more strictly enforced rules and laws), that older generations never had to deal with. And also consider that back in the 60’s, a child who got bullied could (in theory) get into a physical altercation with his bully and get him to stop, children today would get in trouble (if not arrested) for standing up for themselves.

A lot has changed, and not always for the better. The bottom line as I see it, is that problems haven’t gone away, they’ve merely changed faces, to resurface as something even more sinister. Because even though both mind and body can heal and grow stronger, the mind heals slower and leaves deeper scars.


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