Episode 28: Olympic Pride

So before I go any further, I just have to get this out of my system as a proud Canadian… Our boys and girls in red did an amazing job these past two weeks in Sochi, but most of all our two hockey teams were phenomenal, with both the men and women’s teams taking the gold. It was incredibly tense sometimes, and I can only imagine the pressure they felt. But they reminded the world that hockey is our game. Well done, and congratulations to every athlete who braved the stomach-wrenching adventure that was the winter olympics. You all have my utmost respect.

But now with that out of the way, let’s take a minute to think about the effect the olympics has on the rest of the population… It draws us all together, gives us all one focus, like a hive mind of sorts. And I saw gems of humour, random acts of kindness, and pretty much more goodwill towards our neighbours than I usually see.

It was beautiful, but… Why does it have to be only when we focus on something like a hockey game? Well, science will probably try to tell you that it comes from our wolf-pack nature. Anything our pack does is the will of destiny and therefore cannot be wrong, but any other wolf-pack that gets in the way must be attacked. Now, that might be true, and it might not. But either way, we are greater than our nature. We have the ability to do these nice/funny/terrible things anytime we should choose. So why not make a conscious effort to steer us towards the morally good side? Personally, I think this is where greed and sloth come into play. People let their selfish and lazy habits control them and they do nothing that doesn’t forward their own plans or goals.

Now obviously, I can’t change human nature. We were built this way because survival of the fittest demanded it. But with any luck I can give a few of you reason to want to change. Step by step, we’ll make this planet one worth living on, but I need your help.

Oh, and one last thing… GO CANADA GO! … Sorry, couldn’t resist, eh?


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