Episode 29: It’s All Politics

I’ve been seeing a lot of attention directed towards Jared Leto’s Oscar speech. It’s pretty evenly split between love and hate, from what I’ve seen. But strangely the split is easily categorized. The media seems to love him, and everyone on my Facebook feed seems to hate him.

I’m inclined to agree with the masses, personally. I think it was something of an attention grab, and his speech should never have gotten political the way it did. Him talking about the struggle of people with AIDS? Well that’s entirely different, because I’m given to understand that was an issue dealt with in the movie he got the award for. But how was the situation between Russia and Ukraine related to any of that at all? There’s being concerned for your fellow man, and then there’s tossing in an off-handed comment as an attention grab. And that’s just it. If he’d put more effort into what he’d said, maybe it wouldn’t have seemed so blatantly unimportant to him. Maybe we would have been fooled into thinking he cared. But it’s like he threw it in as an afterthought. Sort of like “Hmmm, how can I make sure people remember my little moment in the spotlight? Oh! I know! I’ll say something about the current world political hot-topic! Now what was it again? Something about the Ukraine, I think”… I just didn’t buy it, Jared. I’m sorry, I wish I did.

But speaking of politics, how about that crazy Rob Ford, eh? Now I live in a suburb of Toronto, so I’ve been privileged enough to see the whole thing as it develops right from the very start. It quickly became clear that he was a bumbling fool. But to say he’s the worst mayor Toronto’s ever had? Debatable. I have a bit of a soft spot for Rob Ford the Person. I think the media hounds him far too much, and they’re much too ready to pounce on every little thing he does (I mean, come on. Are they The Police or something?). As for his actual politicking? I don’t know, and I don’t care too much. He’s not my mayor. Whether he saved a billion dollars or not isn’t my concern. I think globally we nee to ease off the guy. Yes, he smoked crack. I’m not supporting that behaviour, and if what I heard from someone who used to have him as a football coach said is accurate, he probably should seek some help. But those are all personal issues. If you’re all so embarrassed by him, then make sure you go to the polls in October and vote him out of office. But until then, remember it was your votes that got him in there. Take your lumps like an adult and suffer the consequences of your choices.

But above all else, please, stop making everything so political. Humans do stupid things. Plain and simple. No one is above that rule unless they’re secretly not human. And then I think you might want to worry about your own sanity if we’re electing someone who turns out to be… Well, a tiger maybe. Or a badger. Maybe even an alien from another world. That’d be totally out of this world. I might like to see how a badger does as Toronto’s next mayor. Can we get one on the ballot? And for those of you who hate Ford… Vote for the badger! I mean, he couldn’t possibly be worse than Ford, right?



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