Episode 30: The Soul’s Battle

Just a very short post today. I randomly thought up the first line of this poem on its own, and then decided to write a second line so it could be more poem-y. But then as I finished writing the second line, my hand kept going. So, not being one to turn down inspiration when it strikes, I let it go and came up with the rest. I hope you enjoy “The Soul’s Battle”.


An artistic soul in an industrial world,
Taking its toll as his thoughts swirled.
Beating him down with mechanical precision,
Making him frown as he can’t make a decision.
In fleeing the pressure of an insane deadline,
Light as a feather he feels in his mind.
But it won’t last much longer than the day,
Damn and blast, that deadline is here to stay.
He needs to find a better way out,
To leave behind the fear and doubt.
Turning finally to nature he instantly feels at peace.
And with that last gesture, he’s finally silenced the beast.


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