About The Author


Known as Andrew Westberg to some, and a multitude of names to others. Andrew can typically be found working furiously at one of two mindless jobs, one retail, the other wholesale. When he’s not working (which isn’t very often), he takes his free time seriously, and does as little extra work as he can get away with. But sometimes the urge to write will take over, and thus was born Common Sense 101. As a somewhat occasionally regular series, it was originally written on a different platform, and was open only to friends. Deciding that perhaps his meandering thoughts could be of use to others, he went public, and this is the end result. He would someday like to be a published author, but doesn’t see a career in it, and so is pursuing other interests as well.

But remember: only you can prevent forest fires. So switch from that crummy old volatile paper format and follow his blog. There’s sure to be something interesting to you.


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