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Episode 39: A Broken System

So today Ontario voted (is voting? Not sure when the polls close, to be honest with you) for a new provincial leader. So the question we all asked ourselves (or those of us interested in politics anyway) was who to vote for.

Tim Hudak, with his “million jobs” plan? Kathleen Wynne with her 1.9% for an “Ontario Pension Plan”? Or perhaps Andrea Horwath and her tax credits for businesses that create new jobs? On the surface, each has their own merits and failings. You could spend hours agonizing over who to vote for. I mean, there are so many fine details that set them apart.

But here’s my problem, and I think the problem that a great many people have (especially on the younger end of the spectrum)… None of these options suit us. Now most people simply don’t bother going to a polling station, or else they spoil their ballot by doing silly things like writing in “Lucifer” as another option. Lately, the new trend is to “decline” your ballot. Basically, we’re given the option of refusing to vote. To decline the ballot, you have to go down to the polling station, and then immediately after they hand you your ballot, you hand it back. They record it separately from people who don’t show up to the polling station, and theoretically it’s supposed to signal to the politicians that you’re not happy with any of them and they’ll change their tactics.

But the problem goes deeper than that. Sure, we don’t like our options. But the reason why is that when you boil it all down, all politicians are the same. They have the same basic personality. And unfortunately we don’t believe that personality is compatible with being a good leader.

Not only that, but the system we work within is broken. It needs a complete overhaul, and unfortunately that’s unrealistic until such time as the system actually collapses. In which case it will be too late to change. So what do you do when your entire societal system is broken and there’s no fixing it? Well, a wild adventurous side of me screams anarchy. Total chaos and destruction would bring about change, but it would be tantamount to the collapse I mentioned earlier, and in the wake of the chaos, there’s a very real possibility that things get even worse.

So what is left to us then? Well the only solution I see is for some of us who see the flaws to enter the system and change it from within. But one or two alone won’t be enough. Many need to rise up and only collectively would we be able to create the change. I’ve said this before, people. Alone we are weak. It’s only when we’re working together that we accomplish great deeds.

A time of change is coming soon, people. Whether it’s for better or worse is entirely up to you.


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